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Glass craft supplies Melbourne


For all your do it yourself leadlight and glass craft supplies in Melbourne contact the guys at Verity Leadlights

We stock lead came, putty, rondels, solder, glass, tools , copperfoil etc etc

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We supply

On-site leadlight repairs in Melbourne


Having a broken leadlight doesn,t mean it will have to be removed and taken away for repair in the studeo.

A lot of the time it can be done while the leadlight stays in the frame.

To find out for sure give the experts at Verity leadlights a ring for a free quote.

9853 8611 or 0418 395628

Leadlight repairs and restorations in Melbourne


At Verity Leadlights we cater for all businesses in need of leadlight work.

Real Estate agents, architects, private homes , churches etc.

Please give us a call for prompt attention and service

0418 395628

Leadlight restorations in Melbourne


For nearly 4 decades Verity Leadlights has been looking after the leadlight needs of people in Melbourne and surounding areas .

With such experience it is obvious there is only one  company to use when you are after new leadlights or have some windows that need repairing.

Please call keith on 0418 395628

Leadlight supplies in Melbourne.


For the leadlight hobbyist we have a very large selection of glass, lead, tools, glass nuggets, bevels, solder , rondels of all sizes etc.

Please call Verity Leadlights on 9853 8611

We may be out on a service call so please make sure to ring first.

Leadlights and stained glass in Melbourne


For all leadlight and stained glass windows in Melbourne be sure to give Verity Leadlights in Kew a call.

We are available to attend to your leadlight needs 6 days a week.

Please give us a call on 9853 8611 for complete peace of mind .

Leadlights in Melbourne since 1979


For all your leadlight requirements in Melbourne  there is only one place to go  where you can have complete peace of mind that your finished leadlight will be exactly as you envisaged  .

Verity Leadlights Has been operating since 1979 and has created thousands of leadlights all over Melbourne and Country Victoria.

Call us on 03 9853 8611 for a free no obligation quote.


Leadlight repairs Melbourne and country Victoria Est 1979


With Verity Leadlights being one of the oldest leadlight businesses in Melbourne you can be confident of top quality work .

Repairs, new leadlights , restoration of original leadlights and stained glass windows , At Verity Leadlights in the Melbourne suburb of Kew we cater to  all your leadlight needs .

We also have a very large range of glass, lead, tools, mosaics etc for the DIY leadlight hobbyist.

Give us a try, you will not be dissapointed.

Leadlight repairs in Melbourne since 1979


Verity Leadlights will guarantee leadlights against faulty workmanship .

As we have been in the leadlight industry for over 35 years we are confidant in our product and will guarantee against faulty workmanship.

Please give us a call for a free no obligation quote on 9853 8611


Stained glass and leadlight supplies


Leadlight supplies,glass grinders,tools,copper foil,glass off cuts,glass rondels,glass hobby squares etc